The Meaning of Metaliteracy


Information literacy in the traditional sense is having the ability to acknowledge when information is needed, being able to identify, locate, evaluate, and successfully use that information to solve the issue at hand. Metaliteracy promotes critical thinking and collaboration to effectively participate in social media’s and online communities. It supports the production and sharing of knowledge within social networks. 

One of my weaknesses has always been working with computers, I don’t participate in as many social networks as most people in my age group so I would further like to learn how to create and share information. Since my goal in life is to become a veterinarian, I have my share of countless hours in the library researching and studying, cut out for me. This course will allow me to more effective obtain the information I’m looking for, rather than surf the internet for information that doesn’t pertain to me. 



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  1. Hi kyoukseedavis,

    I believe this class will help us make use of social media in a way that will help us get useful information online pertaining to our field of study. And just like you too I am also not a social media person and don’t participate in it as much as everyone. I hope this class help us to figure out how to use social media effectively.

  2. Hey, I’m also a student enrolled in this course. However, as compared to the two of you I am more involved on the typical social media networks out there. I can tell you that this class is basically what all of current social media is just focused on extended text excerpts. *Extended as in longer than the typical 140 characters; on outlets like twitter*. Especially with the use of hash tags, which it seems as if every outlet has resorted to using these days. The MetaLiteracy MOOC is just an academic social media outlet. If you guys are able to use this course effectively theres no doubt in my mind you will soon be comfortable using more popular/ mainstream social media outlets 🙂

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