The Influence of Social/Technological Changes Over Students


Since social networks have become such a large part of everyday life, especially for teens and young adults the influence of the four domains: metacognitive, cognitive, behavioral, and affective have all changed in regards to previous years. The metaliterate learner is an active participant in communicating and translating information that is learner in various forms. The metaliterate leaner is also an author and teacher of the texts, visuals, audio files, and other multimedia materials, in control of the production of information. The learner is considered a teacher due to his/her ability to share information through various social environments; blogs, twitter, facebook, etc. As a result the learner is a good researcher and producer of information by inquiring questions, and expressing their ideas or opinions in the form of their choice.

I would say that there are more roles and domains today due to the higher amount of social network usage, in comparison to the past. Students are better off today rather than the past because they have the ability to access more information in a convenient manner. For example, finding the answer to normal day to day questions can simply be answered by a quick google search, where as years ago it may have had to be intensely researched upon through a local library. Since the participation of social networks increased students have access to sharing information they might find fascinating or intriguing by the touch of a button. I am personally in love with the fact that I can share something that I find interesting to almost everyone I know through a social network such a facebook or a blog within a few seconds rather than having to personally having to contact each and everyone of them.



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