One Aspect of the Metacognitive Dimension of Metaliteracy


Cognition can be defined as thinking, metacognition is defined as thinking about thinking or reflecting on your own thinking process. It plays a role in monitoring and managing your own thinking and helps us to acknowledge our own literacy development and helps us to gain a new perspective in media environments. For example, in class we are assigned a final project, to create a website of the topic of our choice. My group chose college success tips, there are two aspects that are taking place to research this topic. One is actually searching data bases, and websites and the other is taking the information from this site and trying to organize it in a way that it can be used towards the project. I personally have not been that familiar with citations and using databases so this project is a little challenging for me, to search and select which information can be used to help enhance the site and which cannot. Usually when I’m writing reports all the information is given to be or in my text book. 



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