A global perspective on Metaliteracy


One of the videos posted on Metaliteracy MOOC Topic 3.2 – A Global Perspective on Metaliteracy spoke about what educational tactics an elementary school could use to address cultural understandings, particularly in the middle east. First the acted, by accessing the students prior knowledge and then new knowledge was introduced to them. Since these students are only in third grade, information needs to be presented to them in a way that is related to them, otherwise they wont fully grasp the idea. To take things to a more personal level, the students participated in a variety of activities that sparked their interest and heightened their imagination. They also were assigned pen pal friends to share their own personal interests with. I love this method of teaching, especially knowing that these are third grade students addressing issues that are considered to be “sensitive” today. It opens their minds and overall awareness to other cultures whom they may not be familiar with. 



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